"Knock Your Socks Off"

It's just who we are...

With over 50 years combined experience working with national, regional and local providers in our industry our founders learned a little something about customer service.   “Our biggest lesson was that customer service was virtually non-existent in our Southern Oregon communities and we founded Office Tech to fill that void”. Our competitors had endured so many instances of upsizing, downsizing, right sizing, wrongsizing they started focusing on everything but the customer. Most of them are based out of our area and their ability to deliver local customer service has suffered.

Out of that grew our “Knock Your Socks Off” client support initiative. Not just a marketing slogan, “knocking your socks off” is the foundation of our organization. We exhibit that in everything we do. Beginning with new employee interviews and ingrained in our daily activities we are committed to delivering that level of service to our clients and to our staff.

In keeping with our “Knock Your Socks” off initiative we created our community outreach we call the Cozy Toes Project. Each month we select an entity that could benefit by receiving socks and we donate them. Last year we provided over 1,000 pair of socks to those in need in our communities. If you would like to nominate a recipient for our Cozy Toes Project click here>>

We think it’s important to turn ‘metal and plastic’ office machines into ‘warm and fuzzy’ relationships.