Vend in the Valley, Buy in the Basin
Support Southern Oregon

As A Community, The Time is Right Now…

As I’ve watched, listened, and experienced the last 2 years in our valley, I’ve wondered what I can do to make a difference. After way too many hours of reflection – the answer is simple. If each of us would make a commitment to “Vend in the Valley, Buy in the Basin and Support Southern Oregon” we would create change needed to restore, rebuild, and revitalize our region. I’m committed to these 3 standards to support Southern Oregon in the years ahead. As we recuperate from the 2-year pandemic and devasting local fires we look forward to 2023 and beyond because we have a community that cares. We just need to realign ourselves with a mission to vend, buy, and support local every chance we get. Let’s do this together.

-John Mytinger, President, Office Tech Inc.


When making a purchase for yourself or your business, please consider purchasing products or services from locally owned vendors. We can make a difference – ONE decision, ONE purchase at a time. Let’s come together and start today. What’s your ONE?


We challenge you to “Buy in the Basin.” Try by making just one switch this week. How about shopping at the Farmers Market, a local pet store, grocery store, boutique, or dining at a local restaurant or café. Spend your money by supporting locally owned businesses. Be the difference and share the message of supporting our communities, one purchase at a time.


Today, more than ever before, our beautiful, charming, and beloved towns and cities need our support. 2020 – 2022 hit everyone, but Southern Oregon experienced twice the tragedy. The silver lining???? Each of us can make a difference. Eat out more. Yes, you heard right, order take-out, and bring it home. Whatever works for you, make a personal commitment to start today to support Southern Oregon!